Dr. Ksenija Borojevic

BorojevicDr. Ksenija Borojevic is an anthropologist and archaeologist, specializing in palaoethnobotany. She joined the Fiske Center as a Research Associate in 2012. Ksenija is engaged in the variety of archaeological multi-disciplinary projects that explore past plant-human relationships. Her research has included systematic retrieval, laboratory analysis, and interpretation of macroplant remains (seeds, fruits, fibers and wood) from various archaeological sites in the Old World and the USA. She examines potential vegetation, past and present human diets, different aspects of plant uses, agricultural practices, and wild plant procurement. In her research, she integrates a wide range of methods, including archaeological fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and ethno-historic research. Ksenija has taught a range of courses from introductory archaeology and anthropology, and science in archaeology to more specialized courses in world prehistory, palaeoethnobotany, origins of agriculture, and food in antiquity at University of Alabama at Birmingham and at Boston University. She has worked in archaeobotanical laboratories in Europe and the USA, where she has identified plant specimens and published the results of her investigations from sites in Arkansas, Illinois, Texas, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt and Israel from various periods.

Ksenija is the PI the National Science Foundation Project investigating exploitation of vegetation in the Neolithic in the Central Balkans. She has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholar Grant to teach and perform research at the University of Belgrade (Serbia) during spring semester 2013.