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The Center's facilities accommodate a wide range of interdisciplinary research. Cultural materials from archaeological collections are processed, cataloged, analyzed and curated by staff and graduate students in the Center laboratories, the largest of which also houses a growing reference library. Geographic information systems computer labs allow students and staff to produce high-resolution topographic maps and to utilize the rich geographic and geologic data available from the U.S. Geologic Survey. UMass Boston provides laboratory space for Scientists of the Center to pursue their material and environmental analyses.

Integrated Environmental Analyses
The Center staff combine expertise in the identification, analysis, and interpretation of plant, animal, insect, and parasite remains from archaeological sites. A major goal of the Center is to engage in projects that combine a variety of environmental analyses in a synthetic fashion.

Site Assessment and Management Plans
As part of our commitment to the helping preserve the cultural heritage of the Commonwealth, the Center can help local governments, historical societies, preservation organizations, and other groups with archaeological site assessments and the development of management plans for historic and archaeological properties. We are especially interested in projects that are joint ventures with groups that share our interest in protect the rich heritage of the Commonwealth.

Archaeological Conservation and Curation
The Center includes a conservation laboratory, and the Center serves as the curator and conservator for important archaeological collections from the Commonwealth. Center staff are also available to consult on archaeological artifact conservation procedures.

Technical Reports on Archaeobiological Materials
Center staff can prepare specialized identification and analysis reports on a variety of classes of archaeobiological material. Many of the Center staff share special interests in urban and historic period assemblages.

Archaeogeophysical Site Assessment
Archaeologists at the Fiske center have access to variety of geophysical equipment and associated software, which allows us to perform high-quality shallow geophysical surveys under a range of environmental conditions. The Center's staff is particularly interested in archaeogeophysical surveys of historic foundations with no surface sign and unmarked graves.

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