Higginbotham House, Nantucket, MA  

Higginbotham House, Nantucket, Massachusetts

The Fiske Center is working in collaboration with the Museum of African American History to study the Seneca Boston-Florence Higginbotham House on Nantucket. This house was originally built just prior to the American Revolution by Seneca Boston, a former slave. One of his sons, Absalom Boston, became a famous Nantucket sea captain and merchant. After the Boston family, series of African Americans owned the house until it was purchased by the Museum. Archaeological excavation at the site in the summer will help to discover more about the history of the land and the families who lived there, and provide guidance for the Museum’s planned restoration and interpretation of the property. This excavation was run with a strong public archaeology component, including a public kick-off lecture, public site tours, and school visits to the site.