Digital Archaeology   

The Digital Archaeology Laboratory at The Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research at UMass Boston is devoted to the investigation of the complex interaction between societies and their spatial environment. Specifically, The lab is set up with the tools to help archaeologists understand the social and environmental relationships of European Colonization through time and across landscapes.

We focus on six areas that involve the creation, analysis, and publication of digital archaeological data: archaeological databases; geographic information systems (GIS); Mapping; surviving; shallow geophysics; and statistical analysis. The Digital Archaeology Laboratory houses and maintains the digital infrastructure of Fiske Center.

The Digital Archaeology Laboratory at the Fiske Center has a range of computer and software that can be used on Fiske Center projects. All Fiske Center Laboratories have secure WiFi hubs that tie into the University backbone. Students are encouraged to use their own laptops for class work and research.

The Digital Archaeology Lab also has some specialized software that includes:

*Trimble Post-processing software
* Malå GPR proprietary software
* Res2D
* FileMaker
* Adobe CS
* GPR-Slice & GPRSIM

The Digital Archaeology Laboratory at the Fiske Center has a range of equipment and software that can be used on Fiske Center projects The Fiske Center has equipment for mapping and gridding at all different scales and accuracies. Equipment includes:

* GPS Trimble XH with antenna (accurate up to 15 cm)
* 2 Topcon total laser stations
* 1 single user Topcon total station
* 2 auto levels

The Fiske Center has several pieces of shallow geophysical equipment:

* Metal Detector
* Syscal Kid -24 Resistivity meter
* EM-31 Conductivity Meter
* EM-38 Conductivity Meter
* Malå GPR with 250, 500 and 800 MHz antennas

There are a few computers (both Mac & PC) for general student work in the main Fiske center. In the Digital Archaeology Lab, there are specialized computers for mapping and digital analysis. Additional computer equipment include:

* Portable LCD projector
* 2 portable PCs for use in the field (with a stand-alone ArcGIS)
* Large format scanner
* Plotter

Digital Archaeology Laboratory
Location: M-2-321
Director: John Steinberg......................................................
Phone: 617.287.6824
Office: M-2-321 .......................................
Email: John Steinberg@umb.edu